Wormholes are connections between maps

- The use of a wormhole requires fuel. How much fuel is required depends on the fuel spent of the ship that the wormhole should use. 20% of the req. fuel amount will be transfered to the target map

- To use the wormhole you will need 1,000x of fuel the space ship consumes per second when it drives. So the wentosal ship class needs 5,000 fuel. 1,000 fuel will be credited to the other map when the wentsosal arrives on the target map.

- The worm hole is always inaccessible to the two newest Maps and to maps that started less than 7 days ago

- You will need enough free military points on the target map, you can increase them by bulding more military centrals there. If you have more military points than military maximum points on multiple maps then you cannot use the worm hole. solution: build more military centrals

- If you have no starbase on a map and you destroy all base defense of an ememy base then you will get a free conquest ship on that map to conquer the base.

- To use a wormhole, first select the ship that you want to use and then click on the wormhole, you will get a window where you can select where to travel

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