How can you increase the group limit?
↪ The more bases you have on the map the higher the group limit.
1 Base -> Group limit 3,1
2 Bases -> Group limit 4,5
3 Bases -> Group limit 5,5
4 Bases -> Group limit 6,3
5 Bases -> Group limit 7,1
6 Bases -> Group limit 7,7
group limit on map formula = ((bases_on_map / 10) ^ 0.5) * 10
↪ On the home map you get 2 more groups limits (1 Base -> Group limit 5,1)
↪ Each group limit extension building increases the group limit by 1 on the map. The more one has of these buildings on the map, the more expensive they become. On the home map they are cheaper.

How many units fit into a group?

↪ It depends on the type of units. Small or light units can be very many; big units only few, or even one unit per group.
In the build menu is an entry "Group", which shows how many of this unit type can fit into a group.

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