The maximum stations are the following station types: Ministry, Military Central and Basic Command

Maximum stations increase the limit on how many stations, military units or bases you can have in the game. They only work on the map they are on.

Maximum Stations (Ministry, Military centrals, Base Commando) can be restored for 1 Titanium if destroyed:
↪ If you lose a base in battle, and this base had a military central for example you can restore the military central on another base for the reduced price of 1 Titanium.
↪ If the restored maximum station is destroyed again, you can restore it again for 1 Titanium elsewhere.
↪ So maximum stations are therefore more expensive only in their first purchase.

Attention: If you get above the maximum, you can no longer produce and build.

The military points of the ships under construction are also counted (so that one does not get over the military point maximum after completion (especially if several bases build) and can better estimate its targeted military points)

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